UT12D-EU AC Индикатор

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Хувьсах хүчдэл илрүүлэгч индикатор

UT12 series non-contact AC voltage detectors are widely used in the maintenance of low voltage equipments such as conductors, cables, sockets, and other electrical/electronics instruments. It is a very handy tool for electricians.  


1. Auto power off
2. Buzzer
3. LED indication
4. AC voltage detection
5. High/Low voltage mode

Low voltage mode: Low-voltage motor (<90V), audio systems, arc welding machines, underground mining lighting, cables with thick insulation layer and other weak electromagnetic AC signals.

High voltage mode: Urban electric supply and three-phase systems (90~1000V). For example, power distribution units, electrical panels, electrical appliances.
Model UT12D-EU
AC voltage (Low) 24V~1000V
AC voltage (High) 90V~1000V
Frequency range 50/60Hz
Built-in flash light
※Audible (buzzer) and visual (LED) indication
LED indication
Auto power off
Low voltage indication
Drop test 1m
General Characteristics
Power 1.5V battery (R03) x 2
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 50g
Product size 150mm x 18 mm x 23mm

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