USB to TTL / RS485 module

  • үнэ: 30,000 төг

Standard: USB2.0 standard, backward compatible, in line with the standard RS485.
Direction control: the use of automatic data flow control, auto distinguish and control data transfer direction.
Baud: 300-9216000bps, automatically detecting the serial signal data rate.
Load capacity: support multipoint, each converter allows RS485 interface device to connect 32.
Interface Protection: TVS tube protection, USB self-recovery protection.
Support Windows98/ME/2000/XP/WIN7/Vista, Linux, Mac.
Support devices with RS485 interface: surveillance cameras, video capture device, fingerprint attendance machine, PBX, CNC machine, microcontroller, etc.
This converter provides two way serial communications signal.
Conversion between the RS485.
To and from a personal computer USB port.
Using virtual serial COM port.
Self-powered from USB.
Size: 7.8cm x 1.9cm X 2cm – 3.07inch x 0.75inch x 0.79inch.

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