Статик цэнэг унагагч 8BM-405A

  • үнэ: 60,000 төг

8BM-405A Static Dissipative Mat (Mat For Key board &Mouse & Touch 60x60cm)

·  A one megohm resistor is attached to the middle of the grounding wire for optimum static protection.
·  Special durability of antistatic treatment.
·  Thickness: 2mm

Material Face layer: 0.2mm laminated PVC
Center layer:1.7mm PVC foam
Bottom layer:0.1mm PVC foam
Combination layer:conductive drug
Resistivity Face & Center & Bottom layers: 10M~1KMΩ/SQ
Combination layer: 1K~1MΩ/SQ
Static decay time: less than 0.5sec
Description Static dissipative mat

for keyboard & mouse & touch

Size (mm) 600×600
Individual packing Color box

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