Хийн гагнуурын алх 868D

  • үнэ: 230,000 төг

- Double digital dispaly,with high precision intelligent temperature control, big power heating element, rapid heating.

- None brushless fan, with soft wind design,suitable for welding small components.

- The hot air station handle have dormant sensor, could saving energy when no use.

- Easy control, with the trouble test itself and indicate function.

- The machine has temperature CAL fine-tuning calibration function,easy control.

- Hot air handle has automatic cooling function, prolong the heater life and protect the hot air gun.

- Light handle, suitable for long used.

- The machine have DC 5V, 800mA USB charge,could charge the equitment which is match this condition.

- Small airframe by design, beauty and save place.

Model GORDAK 868D
Hot air station
Rated Vol. AC 220V  50Hz
Max Power 450W
Pump model none brushless fan soft wind
Air Flow 120L/min (Max)
Temp.control 100℃-500℃
Noise <45db
Soldering Station
Max Power 50W
Output Vol. AC24V
Temp.control 200℃-480℃
Ground Resistance <2mΩ
Ground potential <2mV
Heater Ceramic


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