Хийн гагнуурын алх 850

  • үнэ: 160,000 төг

GORDAK 850 SMD Rework Station Hot Air Soldering Station.

1.ESD safe and powerful design, LED to show temperature.

2.PID controlled closed loop of sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature, suitable for soldering and de-soldering surface mounted. Such as QFPM PLCC, SOP, BGA etc.

3.Hot air station and intelligent cooling system.

4.Adopts imported heating wire, for a long life to sue.

5.Light portable handheld, suitable for mounting and reworking SMD component by hand for a long time.


Technical Parameters:

Power supply AC 220V (60Hz)
Power consumption 270w
Air pump Membranous
Air flow 0.16-1.2 Nm/h
Pump consumption 45w
Temp. control range 100-450°C

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