Хийн гагнуурын алх 952

  • үнэ: 300,000 төг

GORDAK 952 SMD Rework Station 2-in-1 Systems Hot Air Rework Station/ Soldering Station Features:

1. Wide range of temperature and airflow adjustment.

2. Cool air will start to blow continuously after using thus prolonging the usage life of the heating system.

3. Two real time digital temperature monitors for actual temperature on hot air and iron.

4. Best suited for repairing QFP, SOP, PLCC and SOJ components.



Specifications: Power Input: 220V/50Hz AC

Power Consumption: 270W

Temperature Range: 200-480 Celsius

Heating Element: Metal Heating Core

Pump/Motor Type: Diaphragm Pump

Air Capacity: 0.3~24 L /min (max)

Station Dimensions: 187mm x 135mm x 245 mm

Weight: 4.7kg

Package Include: Station with hot air gun, soldering iron, Z001 Hot air gun holder, soldering iron holder, Power cord.

FREE four size air nozzles: A1125 2.5mm, A1130 4.4mm, A1196 7.0mm, A1197 9.0mm

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