Гагнуурын алх 938A

  • үнэ: 120,000 төг

Тоон дэлгэцтэй суурин гагнуурын алх


The use of domestic ceramic heater, LED digital temperature display, temperature accuracy and stability, rapid heating, and the temperature error correction function. Tip and heater jointly with international brands, easy to replace. 

*  Handle special lightweight, suitable for prolonged use. 
*  Anti-static design, prevent static electricity leak and damage delicate SMD components. 
*  Special equipment temperature locking device to prevent staff hackneyed temperature.

*  Especially suitable for SMD manually mount components, repair and ordinary-line components of the welding and soldering various other process requirements.

Power: 60W

The output voltage output Volt: 24V AC

Temperature range: 200 deg. C – 480 deg. C

Between the tip and the grounding impedance Ground Resistance: 2 ohm or less

Heat generation heater Domestic ceramic heating element



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