MS5908C Circuit Analyzer 220V

  • үнэ: 300,000 төг

This circuit analyzer is a special test device designed for AC low-voltage distribution line quick fault location.

  • Display: LCD
  • Overload: "OL" or ">"
  • Low battery voltage:""
  • Time for auto power-off: Power off when the keys aren't presses for 30 minutes.
  • Humidity: <80% Relative humidity (0°C~50°C)
  • Storage temperature:0°C~50°C < 80%
                                      Relative humidity
  • Physical dimension: 193mm(L)*78MM(W)*38(D)
  • Power source: Six AAA batteries
  • Weight: 295g (including batteries)
  • Safety rating: CE(EMC) ETL CAT III 300V RoHS

Specification Accuracy Range
Line Voltage +-(1.0%+0.2) 85.0~265.0V
Peak Line Voltage +-(1.0%+0.2) 120.0~375.0V
Voltage with Loading Equipments +-(2.5%+0.2) 10.0~265.0V
Mpedance-live and Neutral & Earth +-(2.5%+0.2) 0.00~3.00Ω
unspecifed >3.00Ω
Neutral-Ground Voltage +-(2.5%+0.2) 0.0~10.0V
RCD(GFCI) Trip Time +-(1.0%+0.2) 1~6.500ms
RCD(GFCI) Trip Current +-(1.0%+0.2) 30mA(6mA)
Line Frequency +-(1.0%+0.2) 45.0~65.0Hz
% Voltage Drop +-(2.5%+0.2) 0.1~99.9%
Voltage Drop Load Current 5/8/10A
Fault Localization and trouble shooting for Voltage Problem
Measurement Item Nomal Measurement Result Fault Measurement Result Possible Cause Trouble Shooting
Phase Voltage MS5908C 198~242V(120V) The Voltage is too high or too low The Circuit is Overloaded Redistribute the Circuit Losd
High impedance Points are Found in Switchboard               or Circuit Locate the high impedance and Repair or Replace Relevant Parts
The Supply Voltage is too          high or too low Consult the Power Supply Department
Voltage Earth of Zero Line <2V >2V Leakage Current Find the current Source: Is there any Multipoint Ground? Does the Equipment or Device Leak Current?
Three-Phase Imbalance Check and Redistribute
Voltage Earth of Zero Line <2V >2V Harmonic Interference Increase Neutral Line Conductor, Install Electrical Filter or use Other Methods to Reduce the Harmonic Interference
Peak Voltage MS5908C 280~342V(220V) The Voltage is too high or too low The Electron Device in the Circuit Results in the Electric Wave Distortion Revaluate and Relocate (If necessary) the Electronic Device in the Circuit
Frequency 50Hz The Frequency is too high or too low The Supply Frequency is too high or too low Consult the Electricity Department

Mastech MS5908C Circuit Analyzer

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