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Mounting Bracket for Standard-Size Servos

Pololu item #: 3435

This plastic bracket provides a convenient way to mount standard-size servos with a side flat to a surface.

Dimensions Weight: 5.5 g

General specifications Color: black

Identifying markings Molded part dev codes: bkt18a

This plastic mounting bracket is designed for use with standard-size servos like the Power HD AR-3606HB continuous rotation servo and the FEETECH FS5103B standard servo. By clasping around the servo and capturing its mounting tabs, this bracket provides an easy way to mount a servo on its side. The mounting holes on the bracket are intended for use with M3 or #4-40 screws (not included). This bracket works with most standard-size servos, including all the ones in this page’s related products list. Please note that the mounting tabs on some servos are too thick to fit in the bracket without modification, so we recommend comparing your servo’s dimensions to the bracket’s dimensions below.


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