Багаж цуглуулга 1000В PK-2802

  • үнэ: 380,000 төг

PK-2802 1000V Insulated Plier & Screwdriver Set

- Insulated Tools
- Power Cable Installation
- Power Lines Maintenance
- Charging Station Repair
- Home Electric Box Check

  • – Certified to IEC/DIN EN 60900 1000V VDE Safety Standards.
  • – High visibility molded ergonomic cushion grip handle design for maximum comfort.
  • – Including 7 pcs insulated screwdrivers and 4 pcs insulated pliers to meet the most of applications
PK-2802 Contents
PM-911 Insulated Combination Plier (195mm)
PM-917 Insulated Side Cutter(165mm)
PM-918 Insulated Long Nose Plier(200mm)
PM-919 Insulated Long Nose Plier (170mm)
SD-810-P0 Insulated VDE Screwdriver PH0
SD-810-P1 Insulated VDE Screwdriver PH1
SD-810-P2 Insulated VDE Screwdriver PH2
SD-810-S2.5 Insulated VDE Screwdriver -0.4×2.5
SD-810-S3.0 Insulated VDE Screwdriver  -0.5×3.0
SD-810-S5.5 Insulated VDE Screwdriver  -1.0×5.5
SD-810-S6.5 Insulated VDE Screwdriver -1.2×8.0
9Z-PK2802 Zipper Carrying Bag

* Bag size: 294x240x50mm(O.D.)

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