Батарейт гагнуурын алх MSD-20

  • үнэ: 90,000 төг

Use where cord is impractical, or gas flame is hazardous.

- Solder anywhere with 3 AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries OK.
- LED light for visibility. 350°C in 15 seconds.
- Compact and portable 180 mm with cap on.

*Using new batteries.


Model MSD-20
Voltage 4.5V 3 AA Alkaline batteries (Ni-MH AA batteries available)
Power Consumption 6W
Continuous Use Time Alkaline/ approx. 40 min

Ni-MH / approx. 60 min

Temperature Range Over 450˚C
Size 180 (L) x 40 (H) x 25 (D) mm with cap

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