Батарейт халуун цавууны буу GK-368

  • үнэ: 59,000 төг

GK-368 Battery Operated Glue Gun

  • - Cordless design, free from A/C power cords and dangerous dangling cords
  • - Convenience LED light allows for work in dark areas
  • - Closed viewing window for easy glue stick checking, more constant temperature and dust free operation
  • - Perfect for toys and models, corkboards, DIY projects, school projects, quick repairs around the house, decorations, wood crafts and more

Power Preheat
glue stick
Flow of glue Power source Running time Individual
7W/6V 3-4
3g/min 1 .5V AA battery x4  (not included) 45 minutes
(Alkaline type)
Blister card

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