Гагнуурын алх 930D

  • үнэ: 95,000 төг

GORDAK 930D тохируулгатай гагнуурын алх

- Adopt MCH ceramic heating element, welding nozzle and heating core are common with international brands, easy to replace.
- The novel control principle and the unique structure of the ceramic heating core make the temperature detection more accurate and more sensitive; 
- The handle is particularly light, suitable for long-term use, rapid heating, instantaneous temperature compensation, accurate and stable temperature control, and good Temperature recovery characteristics;

- Suitable for manual placement and repair of SMD components, welding of DIP components, and other welding work required by different processes.

Model GORDAK 930D
Power consumption 120W
Voltage 220 AC
Temperature Range 200℃-480 ℃
Resistance between welding tip and ground 2 Ω or less
Heating  element MCH ceramic heating element


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