Гагнуурын алх RX-822AS

  • үнэ: 2,180,000 төг

RX-822AS хос хошуутай тохируулгатай гагнуурын алх



Station Unit, Soldering Iron1 (RX-85GAS / Tip is not included), Soldering Iron2 (RX-80GAS / Tip is not included), Soldering Iron Stands ST-22✕2


Tip-Temperature Recovery Features


Slide the lever in the direction of the arrow. The tip will come out. Hold and pull the plastic housing of the tip.

More than 40 tips are available.

Easy-to-Use Handpiece (PAT.)

Easy to replace a hot tip without any other tools. Good for long hours of work with light, well-insulated structure.

Advanced Functions (PAT.)

Equipped with intelligent functions (sleep, sleep release, shutdown and Key lock) based on the RX-802AS.

Enables Reworking of Chip Parts

Allows you to rework chip parts using 2 tips at a time.

Individual Temperature Setting

Independent displays make settings clear.

2 Soldering Irons can Be Used

Can be prepared with 2 soldering irons. Allows different types of work [such as micro soldering / high power work (150W)] at the same time.

Model RX-822AS
Voltage 110–120V, 220–240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 220–260W
Power Cord Length 1.5m inlet type
Temperature Setting Range 50–450°C
Insulation Resistance Over 100MΩ (500V DC)
Ripple temperature ±5˚C (unloaded)
Accessories Soldering Iron Stand (ST-21 ) × 2
Control Unit
Output Voltage 24V AC
Dimensions 116(W) × 105(H) × 194(D)mm
Weight 4.9kg
Soldering Unit
Voltage/Consumption Soldering Unit1 (RX-85GAS) : 24V AC / 72W·150W
Soldering Unit2 (RX-80GAS) : 24V AC / 72W
Ground Resistance Less than 2Ω
Leak Voltage Less than 2mV
Heater Nichrome heater
Cord Length Soldering Unit1 :1.5m, Soldering Unit2 : 1.2m
Length RX-85GAS 174mm  (with RX-85HRT-5D)
RX-80GAS 158mm   (with RX-80HRT-B)
Weight RX-85GAS 39g   (with RX-85HRT-5D)
RX-80GAS 28g   (with RX-80HRT-B)

Equivalent to IPC/EIA J-STD-001C

*The length does not include the cord bushing. The weight does not include the cord.

NOTE: Two RX-85GAS (150W) irons cannot be used together.

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