Газан гагнуурын алх GP-101S

  • үнэ: 180,000 төг

Газаар ажилладаг гагнуурын алх


High thermal-efficiency brass tip.

Compact gas soldering iron. Heats quickly. Takes only 30 seconds from ignition until soldering. Controls equivalent power of 10-60W with the temperature adjuster (at max temperature 480°C). NOTE: Fill with gas before use.

NOTE: Fill with gas before use.

Model GP-101S
Ignition System Flint-type ignition system
Combustion System Gas Heating System
Gas Type Butane lighter gas
Max. Temp. Output  Soldering Iron: 480˚C
Refill Time 3 sec.
Operation Time Per Refill Approx. 45 mins. ( with temp.set at max.)
Length 157mm
Weight 43g

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