Цахилгаан сийлбэрийн ком PT-5202F

  • үнэ: 90,000 төг

Mini Grinder Set 230V

  • - The Compact lightweight design and ergonomic soft grip helps you keep a steady hand while you work.
  • - Build-in LED light provides illumination during use.
  • - Keyless chuck lock button for easy change accessories.
  • - Includes 19 accessories and 2 stencils for most tasks.
  • - Durable plastic storage case for easy organized.
  • - Ideal for drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, engraving, cutting, and removing.

Model No. PT-5202A PT-5202F
Main body Collet size Max. Ø 3.2mm
No-load speed 15,000 rpm
Working voltage 18V DC
Acoustic pressure < 70dB
Overall length Ø43×127 mm
Weight 123 g
Switch adaptor Input voltage 100~240VAC 50/60Hz
output voltage 18V DC 400mA
Adaptor plug A F
Accessories 19 accessories and 2 stencils
Carrying Case 142x137x57mm (5.6”x5.4”x2.3″)

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