Сүлжээний тестер UT683KIT

  • үнэ: 150,000 төг

UT683KIT Wire Tracer 

The device is an intelligent wire tracker which consists of the transmitter and receiver, this kit is designed with strong anti-interference ability. The receiver can quickly and accurately locate the target cable. This kit can automatically identify open, short, polarity, and quickly distinguish cable failure.

Specifications Description
Certificates CE, RoHS
Port flashing
Wire tracking
Line alignment
Open-short test 10kΩ
Polarity test
Operating time >8 hours
Wire tracking RJ11>3000m; RJ45>100m
NCV function
Headset jack 3.5mm
Low battery indication
Operating time >5 hours
Power 1050mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Product net weight Transmitter: around 95g; Receiver: around 127g
Product size Transmitter-130mm x 51mm x 28mm; Receiver-197mm x 48mm x 34mm
Standard accessories USB cable, RJ11 alligator clip test cable, RJ45 test cable, RJ11 test cable, English manual

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