Сүлжээний тестер UT685B KIT

  • үнэ: 540,000 төг

UT685B KIT TDR Cable Tester

Certifications: CE, UKCA, RoHS

● 2.8 inch backlit LCD display

● Graphical interface

● Cable length test

● Tests RJ11, RJ45 and coaxial cable types

● Identify POE standards

● Digital hunt

● Range 500m

● Resolution 0.33m

● 70V DC input protection

● TDR technology: no blind area testing

UT685B KIT can test various types of cables (including twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, and POE network cable): you can find the cable, detect the cable length, and line sequence, and confirm whether it is POE and POE standards. Plus, it integrated RJ11, RJ45, and coax test ports to support virtually any low-voltage cable testing without needing awkward adapters. Effectively reduce the operator’s ineffective testing and improve work efficiency, which makes high-quality installations more efficient and easier to troubleshoot.

Specifications UT685B KIT
Tested cable type Twisted pair cable:
1. UTP (unshielded cable),
2. FTP (aluminum foil shielded cable);
3. SSTP (double shielded network cable);
Coaxial cable: 50Ω, 75Ω, 93Ω
Cable length test Range: 500 m
Resolution: 0.33 m
Accuracy:  ± 4% or 0.6 m
POE detection POE power detection
POE standard: 802.3AF
POE standard: 802.3AT
Ethernet port test
Cable location
Port blinks
Input protection 70VDC
Screen 2.8″ LCD
Auto power off Around 10 minutes
General Characteristics
Standard accessories RJ45 adapting cable: 1 pc;
RJ11 adapting cable: 1 pc;
RJ11 adapting cable (adapted to alligator clip): 1 pc;
Plug, F-connector to F-connector: 1 pc;
User manual: 1 pc
Power AAA alkaline batteries x4
Product Dimension 180mm×84mm×37.8mm

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