Толгойд зүүдэг томруулдаг шил MA-016

  • үнэ: 50,000 төг

MA-016 Headband Magnifier

- Detachable LED light device.
- Adjustable LED light.
- Multiple lens provide better magnification.
- The belt size can be adjusted freely.

·  Flexible lens combination for higher magnification.
·  Detachable LED light device.
·  The tilt degree of LED light is adjustable.
·  Thumb screw to adjust the tilt degree of lens.
·  The belt size can be adjusted freely.

·  Operate or read at dim or dark place.
·  Assemble or repair small fittings.
·  Check the finished product.
·  Also good for work such as carving, handcraft, sewing, Q.C and repairing engineer.

·  Lens material: Acrylic resin (Processed by crack-proof rigid coating).
·  Lens size: 2 ‚ 3 89x29mm; 1 Single-lens diameter: 28mm.
·  Magnification: 3 : 1.8X ; 2 + 3 : 2.6X ; 1 + 2 + 3 : 5.8X
·  Use two AAA batteries (not included)

Lens material Magnification Lens size Light source Battery Individual packing
Acrylic Single: 1.8X, Overlapping: 2.6X, Three-in: 5.8X Round: Ø 28mm, Square: 89x29mm 1 pce high power LED 1.5V AAAx2 pcs
(Not included)
Blister card

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