Томруулдаг шилтэй туслах гар SN-396

  • үнэ: 120,000 төг

SN-396 Soldering Helping Hand with LED Magnifier

• - 3 helping hand clips
• - Powered by batteries or adapter
• - Excellent solution for soldering work

  • – Comes with 16 SMD LEDs illuminating, energy saving and super bright.
  • – The magnifier is on a flexible neck that gives you 6D(2.5X) and 21D(6.25X) magnification for finishing those fine solder joints.
  • – The adjustable 3 helping hands clips feature precise positioning and secure gripping your work.
  • – The magnifier is powered by either 4 AA batteries or external power adapter.
  • – The set includes Solder Spool Brackets, Soldering Iron Holder, Cleaning Sponge, Brass Tip Cleaner and Solder Flux.
Specifications SN-396
Magnifying Lens size Ø90mm & Ø20mm
Magnification 2.5X(6D) + 6.25X(21D)
Magnification Material Acrylic
Light source 16 pcs SMD LEDs
Neck length (for magnifier) 265mm
Neck length (for alligator clips) 250mm
Base size 190x170mm
Power Battery 1.5V AA x 4pcs batteries (not included)
Adapter DC 6V adapter input (not included)
Accessories Sponge size(30 x 50mm),
Solder flux x 10g,
Brass Tip Cleaner x 17g
Weight 1,150 g
Individual packing Color Box

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