Томруулдаг шил MA-025

  • үнэ: 42,000 төг

MA-025 Folding & Handheld USB LED Magnifier

- Dual Placement
- Dual Lenses
- Dual Brightness Level
- Dual Power Supply Method

2 in 1 Usage

Firm base and handheld design to provide suitable lens position and store easily as well

2 Magnification Lens

3.75X(500%) magnification for the main magnifying lens with 7X lens for more detail tasks.

Brightness Levels

Comes with 8 energy-efficient LED lights with 2 adjustable brightness levels, providing excellent light for illuminating detailed surfaces.

Power Supply Method

The LED light can be powered by USB power supply or AAA batteries x 3

Lens dia. Lens material Magnification Light source Power Supply Accessories Dimension
Ø70mm Optical glass 3.75X (11)


8 Led light USB powered


AAA bateries x3 (not included)

USB- Ø 3.5mm power cord x1,

Wipe cloth x1



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