Тохируулгатай гагнуурын алх SL-936D

  • үнэ: 50,000 төг

Performance parameters:

- Working voltage: AC200-240V
- Rated power: constant temperature 80W
- Safety: anti-static, anti-leakage
- Breakdown voltage: greater than 1200V
- Machine weight: about 200g (including tip, heater, power cord)
- Temperature range: 180-480 deg C
- Temperature calibration: after calibration temperature, the error is less than plus mn4 degC
- Soldering iron head specifications: use 900 series electric iron head
- Heating core: 936D heater
- Time to melt tin: 18-20 seconds
- Fault alarm: Poor contact in the power socket, the core of the heater is broken, and the electromagnetic interference is strong

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