Халив цуглуулга SW-9106

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SW-9106 Line Color Screwdriver 6PCS

- Line Color Screwdriver 6PCS
- The iron rod is refined with chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, the front end is blackened and hardened, which is resistant to wear, not easy to slip, and has a long service life
- The head type complies with international standards, complete specifications, high dimensional accuracy, magnetism, can absorb screws, and is easier to operate
- The ergonomic design of the PVC handle has a strong torque release effect and is not easy to slip.
- Suitable for electronic and electrical maintenance and home maintenance, etc.

Contents Individual Packing
89101A, 89102A, 89107A
89101B, 89102B, 89107B
Blister Card

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