Хийн гагнуурын алх 952H

  • үнэ: 360,000 төг

GORDAK 952H үлээдэг, тохируулгатай гагнуурын алх

Anti-static design, hot-air desoldering station, the soldering station adopts large-size LED dual display, hot-air high-power heating element, heating quickly.

Microcomputer sensor closed intelligent constant temperature and constant temperature control design, air pump type zero crossing trigger, pwm wind speed adjustment, high wind pressure, suitable for welding work of different processes

The hot-air desoldering handle is equipped with a sleep induction device and has a function selection button. After the sleep function is selected, when not in use, when the bracket is placed or the air outlet is upward, it will automatically enter the sleep energy-saving mode. No such feature.

The soldering station adopts long life, imported A1321 heating element, high power and long service life

The temperature setting knob is equipped with a lock function to prevent others from changing the temperature setting without authorization

The machine has a fault self-inspection prompt function, and gives a corresponding fault code prompt, which is convenient for guidance and quick maintenance.

The host has a USB 5v , 800mA interface, which can charge USB charging devices that meet the output conditions

Model GORDAK 952H
Hot air station
Rated voltage 220V 50/60Hz AC
Power consumption 650W
Pump mode Diaphragm membranous
Air flow 120L/min (max)
Pump power 45W
Temperature control range 100℃-500℃
Noise Noise <45db
Soldering station
Power consumption 60W
Output Voltage 24VAC
Temperature range 200℃-480℃
Impedance between welding tip and ground <200mΩ
Ground potential <2mV
Heating element A1321 Ceramic

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