Хийн гагнуурын алх QUICK TR1100

  • үнэ: 1,300,000 төг

QUICK TR1100 – Lead-free, digital Hot Air Rework Station (200W)

New model of ESD safe, professional Hot Air Rework Station with a 200 W heating power. Temperature adjustment from 100 °C to 450 °C. High temperature stability.

Advanced Hot Air Rework Station with a 200W heating power. Designed for professional soldering electronic components using lead-free solders. This Quick soldering station has a new design LCD display and easy to use buttons to digitally set the parameters.


  • – Three programmable channels CH1, CH2 and CH3 (for air volume and temperature parameters).
  • – Light handle, comfortable for using, suitable for long-time work.
  • – Plug-in design of ceramic heating element, easy maintenance.
  • – Ultra-silence and ESD design.
  • – Brushless vortex fan, wide range of airflow adjustable, suitable for many applications.
  • – Twin-stage supercharged brushless pump for stable air flow, long lifetime.
  • – Multi-point temperature digital calibration and password lock function effectively guarantee the process parameters.
  • – New design, improved operating.
  • – ESD safe design.TR1100-英文.png


Model QUICK TR1100
display TFT LCD
Power 200W
Operating voltage 110V/220V AC
Temperature range 100- 450℃/ 212- 842 ℃
Temperature stability ± 2℃ (Stationary air, no load)
Air volume 1,5 ~ 7 m3/h
Overall dimensions 190 * 190* 134 (mm)
Weight About 3.5 kg

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