Хутганы цуглуулга PD-395A

  • үнэ: 85,000 төг

30PCS Deluxe HobbyKnife Kit

Handle: Round Basic Shape for Fast Turning. Convex Shape for increased hand-torque. Luxury rubber handle provides the soft and easy-to grip feeling. 

Neck: Rounded nect for fine adjustment work. High torque under wet, dry, oil condition.

23pcs wood carving blades high quality SK5 steel guarantees an extremely tough cutting edge resistant to fracture and thus accident-proof.

Enclosed precision jeweler screwdriver with storage case: Cover all your daily needed, only one set for all applications: easier to use-safe to work with.

3pcs TPR+PP dual color non-slip handles
19pcs SK5 carving blades(3pcs in handle)
2pcs awl blades
4pcs shovel blades
1pcs tweezer
1pcs grind stone
Dual color TPR+PP case (205x132x45mm)

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