Хямсаа RT-15C

  • үнэ: 32,000 төг

RELIFE RT-15C Precision Titanium Alloy Tweezers Curved
1. Ultra high precision jump wire tweezers
2. Capable of clamping capacitors, chips,
3. It can clamp jump wire
4. It can clip very fine silver wire
5. It can clamp Fingerprint jump wire
6. Titanium Alloy Non-slip handle
7. Overpressure prevention bayonet
8. Titanium Alloy Precision head
9. Anti-overvoltage design, clamping fine items without deviation
10. The head of the tweezers is only 0.15mm, which can easily grip small items such as flying lines and bird's nest hair
11. Suitable for repairing flying leads, tin bead patching points, tin planting net-pass needles, through holes, clip chip resistors, capacitors, chips, etc.
12. Imported titanium alloy material, tough and durable, anti-corrosion
13. Straight/curved tip, free choice for easy operation
14. Plastic protective cover to prevent accidental injury
15. Strong anti-magnetic, using anti-magnetic object material

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