Цахилгааны залгуур илрүүлэгч MS5905RTD

  • үнэ: 130,000 төг

MS5905RTD - Circuit Breaker Finder With NCV


Circuit breaker finder with NCV detection, Audible buzzer, and light indicator, helps you to quickly and accurately find the target Circuit breaker. Ideal tools for using at home, office, power plant grids, installation, and inspection.

Transmitter Model D
AC Voltage Range 230V (EU)
Socket Tests
MS5905R+MS5905T Quickly and Easily Identify if Individual Branch
Circuits Work with MS5905T without Disrupting Power
(Socket Tester Mode)
LED Indicate Condition
of the Socket’s Wiring:
Missing earth
Live-earth reverse
Live-neutral reverse
Missing neutral
MS5905R Built-in
Non-Contact Voltage
Detector (NCV)
Voltage Range: AC90V~AC600V
Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
Detecting Distance: <30mm
MS5905R Buzzer and LED instructions

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