Электрон микроскоп MS8E-02

  • үнэ: 900,000 төг

SUNSHINE MS8E-02 Electron Microscope
1. Not Need To Connect With PC, Can Be Directly Connected To The LCD Display, Viewing The Video Image.
2. 2Mega pixel High Resolution CMOS Image Sensor, Video Image Is Clear And Smooth.
3. Support For Automatic Exposure, Auto White Balance, And Manual Adjustment Of Exposure Speed, RGB Gain.
4. 4 Sets Of Cross Lines For Selection, Can Freely Adjust The Position And Color Of The 4 Groups Of Cross.
5. Save Parameters, Can Be Adjusted At Any Time To Save The Various Parameters
6. Image Freezing Function
7. Zoom Range: 0.7X – 4.5 Continuous Times
8. Working Distance: 105-110 (Mm)
9. Focus Range: 45 (Mm)
10. Display: 8 Inch LCD Display.
11. Total Magnification: 15X-200X (Can Be Extended Directly To 400X)
12. Plug-In Power Supply language: Chinese / English


Model MS8E-02
Objective 0.7-4.5 continuous zoom
Eyepiece 0.5X (optional 1X)
Lifting Range 270mm
Hand wheel focusing range 65mm
Center distance 140mm
Column diameter 25mm
Lens Mount Diameter 50mm
Bracket total height 355mm
Base size 380*250*30


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