2000В хүртэл хэмждэг мультиметр UT892

  • үнэ: 140,000 төг

UT892 2000V AC/DC High Voltage Digital Multimeter

● 6000 counts True RMS

● 2000V AC/DC voltage measurement
● VFC 600V voltage measurement
● LIVE test
● 60MΩ resistance/60mF capacitance
● 10kHz frequency measurement
● Test lead indication
● Backlight
● CAT II 1000V/CAT III 600V

UT892 High Voltage Digital Multimeter provides AC/DC voltage measurement up to 2000V with full range overload protection. The specially designed 2000V input terminal and the indication for test leads allow users to take electrical measurements safely and efficiently.
This meter features VFC mode for accurate measurements on variable frequency motor drives and noisy devices. The built-in NCV helps users detect the presence of live voltage without contacting any metal conductor, and the LIVE test can identify the live wire with a single test lead. UT892 has a removable rubber holster that can also hold test probes for one-handed operation.
Specifications Range UT892
DC voltage (V) 6.000V/60.00V/600.0V/1000V/2000V ±(0.5%+3)
AC voltage (V) 6.000V/60.00V/600.0V/1000V/2000V ±(1.0%+3)
Variable frequency voltage (VFC) 600V ±(5%)
Frequency (Hz) 10Hz~10kHz ±(0.5%+2)
Resistance (Ω) 600.0Ω/6.000kΩ/60.00kΩ/6.000MΩ/60.00MΩ ±(0.5%+5)
Capacitance (F) 60.00nF/600.0nF~600.0μF/6000μF/60mF ±(3.0%+10)
Display counts 6000
Auto/manual range
LIVE test
Low battery indication ≤ Approximately 2.5V
Data hold
Relative mode
Auto power off Approximately 15  minutes
Safety rating CAT II 1000V/CAT III 600V
General Characteristics
Power AA 1.5V x2
Product color Red+Gray
Product net weight 350g (Including batteries)
Product size 187*88*56mm
Standard accessories English manual, test leads, batteries.

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