28 71 280 Урт нугасан хошуут бахь

  • үнэ: 150,000 төг

28 71 280 Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers With transverse profiles

  • - Made in Germany
  • - For gripping, adjustment and assembly work in hard to reach areas thanks to slim, very long design
  • - Deep down situated parts can be easily reached using the slim, half-round tips
  • - Careful yet reliable gripping, holding and guiding of small copper pipes, screws and cables as well as other round parts thanks to milled grooves with smooth surfaces
  • - Serrated pipe grip to grip round parts
  • - Particularly suitable for work in the automotive trade and in mechanical engineering
  • - Slim yet robust tool

Technical attributes

Article No.: 28 71 280
EAN: 4003773079415
Pliers: black atramentized
Head: polished
Handles: plastic coated
Weight: 235 g
Dimensions: 280 x 55 x 14 mm
Standard: DIN ISO 5745
REACH compliant: does not contain SVHC
RoHS compliant: not applicable
Jaw thickness (joint) (T1): 9.0 mm
Tips width (W4): 3.0 mm
Tips thickness (T2): 2.5 mm
Jaw length (L3): 76.5 mm
Head width (W3): 20.0 mm

Brief overview

– Long reach needle nose pliers for work in poorly accessible areas

– Very slim, long and stable design

– Ridged milled gripping jaw, smooth milled cross slots and serrated pipe grip

– Forged from special tool steel and additionally oil-hardened

– Handles coated with non-slip plastic

– Length 280 mm

– Net weight 235 g

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