HB-45 Халуун цавууны буу

  • үнэ: 54,000 төг

Built-in safety fuse

Built-in "safety fuse" instantly prevents overcurrent to the heater.

Easy and convenient adhesive items

Adhesive items / hot bonds widely used from hobby use to professional use. Insert a special adhesive stick "Hot Stick" on the body, melt with heat and bond it.

Hot Bond Features

  • – Adhesive material Repair, adhesion and filling of porous materials such as wood, paper, cloth, leather etc. Temporary fixation of plastic, metal, ceramics, glass can be done.
  • – Workability It is possible to perform work smoothly with speed bonding of approximately 1 minute to 4 minutes to complete hardening and about 10 seconds bonding. It is also suitable for adhesion of material with uneven adhesion surface. Since it has flexibility even after curing, it is also suitable for bonding soft materials.
  • – Special stick features The dedicated stick is 100% solids free of solvent, easy to handle and store.
Voltage 110–240V AC 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 7W
Nozzle Temp. 160˚C
Heater PTC Heater
Dimensions 130(W)x115(H)mm
Weight 100g
Accessories Hot Sticks 3pcs (ø7 x 100mm), Wire Stand

IEC 884 / EN 50075 стандартад нийцсэн 1,5м урт тэжээлийн залгуур: lt-207

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