Гагнуурын алх 90W QUICK TS1100

  • үнэ: 550,000 төг

Quick TS1100 – digital soldering station (90W)

New model of ESD safe and powerful (90 W) Lead-Free soldering station with digital LCD display. Temperature adjustment from 200 °C to 420 °C, high temperature stability.

Advanced ESD Soldering station with a 90 W heating power. Designed for professional soldering electronic components using lead-free solders. Improved, resistance-type heating principle guarantee the best heating parameters. This Quick soldering station has also a new design LCD display and easy to use buttons to digitally set the parameters.


  • – Fast heating and rapid thermal recovery.
  • – Metal structure heating element, strong and durable.
  • – Long lifetime heater.
  • – Easy tip replacement.
  • – Station parameters interlock by means of PIN code.
  • – Compatible with various types of soldering iron tips.
  • – With temperature alarm function, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature switchable.
  • – High quality, digital LCD display.
  • – Intelligent sleep function, capacitor sensing handle wake-up.
  • – Three working modes.
  • – Auto shutdown function available.
  • – New design, improved operating.

Temperature range:200-450℃



Net Weight:2.12KG

– Password lock function, effective protection of process parameters

– Temperature alarm function, temperature changer

– Handle light, and has the handle intelligent discrimination function

– Using LCD liquid crystal display, hot plug-in design, easy maintenance

– Anti-static design, and has ESD detection

– Increase the sleep function, protect the tip to extend the life

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