Service station SVS-500AS

  • үнэ: 2,500,000 төг

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Combines Desoldering Gun and Temperature-controlled Soldering Iron in One Unit.

Everything from through-holes to multi-layered PCBs [Powerful Vacuum]
Good for a wide range of soldering work, for terminals, connectors and flat ICs [Ceramic Heater with Internal Sensor (soldering & desoldering)]
Reduces noise during heater ON/OFF [Zero Volt Switch Circuit]
Makes changing the filter easy [Replaceable Cartridge Filter]

Soldering Iron Unit

Stable temperature with excellent heat speed & heat recovery. Good for a wide range of soldering work, for terminals, connectors, and flat ICs.

Desoldering Iron Unit

Built-in powerful and compact twin pump. When trigger is pulled, the heater heats up forcibly, reducing temperature decrease. After trigger release, the pump operates for approx. 0.5 seconds more, reducing solder clogs.

Commentary of Functions

Soldering Iron Unit SVS-800AS, SVS-580AS, SVS-500AS

Voltage 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
220-240V (270-300W)
Power Cord Length 1.5m
Temperature Setting Range Soldering Unit 200−480˚C
Desoldering Unit 250−450˚C
Insulation Resistance Over 100MΩ(500V DC)
Vacuum Pump System Diaphragm system
Vacuum – 0.08MPa (-600mmHg)
Accessories Cleaning pin TP-100CP-07
Soldering iron stand ST-76
Total Weight 4.0kg


Output Voltage 220-240V AC
Dimensions 205(W) x 170(H) x 160(D) mm
Weight 3.6kg (w/o cord, hose )


Input Voltage/Power Consumption 220-240V AC / 85W
Heater Ceramic Heater
Cord Length 1.2m
Dimensions 220 x 155mm
Weight 250g (w/o cord, hose )
Standard Nozzle TP-100N-10


Input Voltage/Power Consumption 220-240V AC / 70W
Ground Resistance Less than 2Ω
Leak Voltage Less than 2mV
Heater Ceramic heater
Cord Length 1.2m
Length 190mm (with PX-2RT-B w/o cord bushing)
Weight 70g (with PX-2RT-B w/o cord )
Standard Tip PX-2RT-B


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