UT387D Wall Scanners

  • үнэ: 180,000 төг

UT387D Wall Scanners

Certificates: CE, UKCA, FCC

● Buzzer indication

● Auto power off

● Error calibration alarm

● LED alarm

● Low battery indication

UT387D wall scanners enable you to detect electric wire, metal object, wooden beams accurately. The new and improved wall scanners are great tools for interior finish, renovation, furniture installation, flooring, pipe installation, and building construction.


Specifications UT387D
Certificates CE, RoHS, FCC
Detect principle Electro-magnetic induction
Detects Wooden beam, metal object, electric wire
Metal-scan depth 100mm @iron pipe; 80mm @brass pipe
Stud-scan depth (wood) 38mm
AC electric wire depth 50mm
Detect accuracy ±15mm @28.5mm depth drywall
Notifications Voice


General Characteristics
Power  3.7V 300mAh Li-ion
Product net weight  UT387D: 112g
Product size  135 x 60mm x 25mm


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