Pololu 32×7мм хос дугуй – Хар

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Pololu Wheel 32×7mm Pair - Black

Pololu item #: 1087

These black plastic wheels have silicone tires and measure 32 mm (1.26″) in diameter, and they press-fit onto the 3mm D shafts on many of our motors, including our micro metal gearmotors and our mini plastic gearmotors. This product is a pair of wheels.


Size: 32 x 7 mm
Weight: 0.11 oz1
Shaft diameter: 3 mm2

General specifications

Color: black

Notes: 1 - Per wheel, including tire.

2 - D-shaped hole for press fit onto Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotors and Mini Plastic Gearmotors.


These wheels are great for robotics, custom RC vehicles, or any other project you need to get rolling. They measure 32 mm (1.26″) in diameter and are designed to press-fit securely onto D output shafts with a diameter of 3 mm. They are compatible with many of our gearmotors, including our micro metal gearmotors and our mini plastic gearmotors. The included silicone tires, which feature horizontal treads for improved traction, are also available separately.

These are the same wheels that are used on the 3pi robot.

The left picture below shows this wheel mounted to a micro metal gearmotor, and the right picture below shows the wheel mounted to a mini plastic gearmotor.

Pololu Wheel 32×7mm on a Micro Metal Gearmotor.

Mini Plastic Gearmotor, 90° 3mm D-Shaft Output with Pololu Wheel 32×7mm.

Details for item #1087

This is the black version of our 32×7mm wheel pair.

Parts included with Pololu Wheel 32×7mm Pair – Black.

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