Гагнуурын алх 203H

  • үнэ: 260,000 төг

High frequency welding machine GORDAK 203H (90W)

- ESD Design,with intelligent thermostatic control design of closed PID algorithm for microcomputer sensor, electromagnetic eddy heating, rapid heating.

- The handle have dormant sensor, could saving energy when no use,if long time no use could turn off the machine automatic.

- Easy control, with the trouble test itself and indicate function.

- Light handle, suitable for long used.

- The temperature setting has multiple modes to choose,can select according to the functional requirements.

- Temperature seting button has password setting function to prevent others change the temperature without authorization.

- Small airframe by design, beauty and save place.

Model 203H
Power 90W
Output voltage 36V 380KHz
Temp. Range 200-480C
Heater Electromagnetic heating
Ground Resistance <2Ω
Size 150*127*101mm
Weight 3.3Kg

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