Гэрлийн тодрол хэмжигч UT382

  • үнэ: 240,000 төг

UT382 Light Meter 

UT380 series light meters measure light intensity and display results in Lux or FC. It has a high sampling rate of 100/s.  UT380 series’ low power consumption allows up to 200 hours of continuous operation. Results can be stored within the device and transfered to PC for further analysis, printing and storage.   

1. Auto/manual range, data hold

2. Auto power off (cancelable)

3. MAX/MIN modes

4. 2044 sets data storage

5. Displays time and adjustable record intervals (0.5~255s)

6. Restore to default mode

7. Lux/FC selectable

Specifications Resolution UT382
Illuminance measurement (Lux) 20 Lux ±(3%+20)
200 Lux ±(3%+8)
2000 Lux ±(3%+8)
20000 Lux ±(3%+8)
Illuminance measurement (Fc) 2 Fc
20 Fc
200 Fc
2000 Fc
Display count 2000
Auto range
Data hold
Auto power off Around 10 minutes
Low battery indication Around ≤7.1V
MAX/MIN mode
Data storage 2044
USB interface
Auto record time setup
Real-time clock
General Characterisitics
Power 9V battery (6LF22)
Display 22.5mm x 32.5mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 185g
Product size 195mm x 45mm x 26mm
Standard accessories Carrying bag, USB interface cable, PC software CD
Standard individual packing Blister, box, English manual

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