Дулааны камерын микро линз UT-Z002

  • үнэ: 120,000 төг

Micro Lens UT-Z002

UT-Z002 is a micro lens which fits the UNI-T thermal cameras UTi260B, UTi720A. It is a perfect auxiliary adaptor of thermal cameras that can find tiny electrical components which are overheating and help engineers to complete circuit load and temperature analysis,quickly identify the fault points. The micro lens snaps easily around the thermal camera. It can be removed easily as well when you want to use the camera without the micro lens.


Product Development

Quickly complete circuit loads and temperature analysis, help R&D personnel to improve the structure process, improve product stability.

Electric Maintenance

Quickly identify the fault points, improve the maintenance efficiency.

Digital products evaluation

The IR image is high-definition, the data is accurate and reliable, it is a perfect auxiliary tool for evaluator to visually observe the status of heating spots and heating dissipation for digital products.

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