16GB SD Card NOOBS for Raspberry Pi

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SanDisk 16GB SD Card Preloaded with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi

         With Raspberry Pi users there are some people who like to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in straight away, and there are others, especially new users, who like some assistance when starting out on the Raspberry Pi experience. To provide help to the Raspberry Pi beginner, Sandisk have produced a 16GB microSD card pre-installed with the New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS) for Raspberry Pi. NOOBS is software that makes it much, much easier to set up a Raspberry Pi. You just use the microSD card to boot your Pi for the first time and follow the menu instructions to quickly and simply install the operating system of your choice onto the card. Once your operating system of choice is installed, the Raspberry Pi will boot as normal.

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