42, 57 series motor universal drive DM542A 4.2A 18-50VDC

  • үнэ: 140000 төг

Subdivision-type two-phase hybrid stepping motor drives, DC18~50VPower supply suitable for driving voltage18V~50V, Current is less than 4.0A. The outer diameter42~86MmTwo-phase hybrid stepping motor. This drive AC servo drive current loop subdivision control, small motor torque ripple, low speed run very smoothly, almost no vibration and noise. High speed torque is also significantly higher than the other two-phase drive, high positioning accuracy. Widely applicable to the engraving machine, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery and other high resolution requirements on the device.


  1. Average current control, two-phase sinusoidal current drive output
  2. DC 18~50Vpowered by
  3. Optical isolated inputs/export
  4. Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, phase short circuit protection
  5. Fifteen file segmentation and automatic semi-flow function
  6. Eight stalls output phase current setting
  7. Having Offline command input terminal
  8. Motor torque and its rotational speed related, regardless of the number of steps per motor revolution
  9. High starting torque
  10. High-speed torque

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