Hall sensor module

  • үнэ: 6000 төг

Module can detect a small magnet at a few millimeters. The A3144 Hall effect sensor is connected to a LM393 voltage comparator IC with adjustable trigger level (R6). The LED indicator turns off when a magnet is detected (Output LOW when in Mag field). The sensor has two flat sides and is polarity sensitive. One side detects the north pole and the other detects the south pole of the magnet. The output can be connected directly to a micro-controller port. Ideal to use as a limit switch on your DIY 3D printer, robot or Place a magnet on motor shaft and use to measure RPM. 

1. Power: 3.3V to 5VDC
2. Supply Current < 9mA (LED off)
3. Output: Digital TTL Open Collector Current sink 20mA
4. Magnetic Sensitivity 50 – 350 Gauss
5. Sense Distance: Depends on Magnet strength
6. 3Pin .1Pitch Header for Power & Output
7. L: 1-3/16” W: 5/8” T: 5/8” WT: .02

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