HX1838+NEC 3set, SCM infrared remote control module

  • үнэ: 6,000 төг

Suite theory test distance of about 5-8 meters, but the practical application depends on the environmental factors around and in the middle when you use a barrier (such as a diaphragm, glass, or other material obstructions blocked), receiver using HX1838,Work with power indicator light,38K frequency can receive any remote control code data!


1. Sensor HX1838, high sensitivity
2. Operating voltage 5V
3. Output Type: Digital Output

4. VCC 3.3V-5V external voltage (can be connected directly to the 5v and 3.3v MCU MCU)
5. GND External GND
6. IN external microcontroller I / O ports, I / O ports have been designed 10K pull-up resistor


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