Raspberry Pi 2

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  • A 5 volt micro-USB cord capable of drawing at least 1200mA from the wall. Any micro-USB tablet charger should work just fine. (Note that using add-on devices like the camera can increase the Raspberry Pi 2’s power needs.)
  • A USB keyboard and mouse
  • A microSD card with a compatible operating system installed. 4GB works, but a greater storage amount would be better if you plan to save files, install additional software, et cetera. You can purchase microSD cards with Raspbian preinstalled from Element14 and other Raspberry Pi suppliers.
  • An HDMI cable or combined composite video/3.5mm audio cord
  • A monitor or television to connect to
  • An Ethernet cable or USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • You should probably buy a case to shelter the exposed board as well, to avoid potentially damaging it.

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