SecurePi Case for Raspberry Pi

  • үнэ: 35,000 төг

Our all-new case that we designed from the ground up for the Raspberry Pi 4.

The SecurePi Case was designed to work with the Pi 4.  With optional SD and USB/Ethernet/HDMI covers as well as its discrete cooling vents, this functional and attractive case will complement any Raspberry Pi 4.

Unique features:

  • – Stunning design
  • – Cooling vents on the top of the case that work perfectly with the PoE HAT and the Pimoroni Fan SHIM
  • – Optional cover for the power/HDMI ports or the Ethernet/USB ports with a knock-out for Ethernet
  • – Optional cover for the microSD card
  • – Clip together or screw together design.  We include the screws if you want additional security, but the case holds together just fine without them if you want flexibility
  • – Pass-throughs for GPIO, camera, and DSI cables
  • – Viewing holes for onboard Raspberry Pi LED’s

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