TDA7498 high-power digital amplifier

  • үнэ: 60000 төг

- Operating voltage: 15V-36V (please do not exceed 36V)
- operating current : more than 4A
- Maximum output power: 100Wx2 (36V 8Ohms)
- Parallel mode:200Wx1  4Ohms
- Cutting size: 81mm x 100mm  x23mm
- Input hole spacing: 2mm
- Output hole spacing: 5 mm
- Pls notice :this item is production board, 8 ohm load supply voltage<35V
                                                            4 ohm load supply voltage<30V
                                                           4 ohm in parallel mode can use 36V

– The board designed anti-protection, not because of a momentary negation power is positive

Negative and burned the power amplifier board components

– The new mute and standby control interface, user-friendly design, so that DIY hobbies

Can be more reasonable to install the application

-Power input and speaker output using high current terminal block, you can use more

Thick wire, to ensure high power demand

– Shielding large current inductance, to prevent interference between each other, but also better defense

Only external magnetic field interference

– Large radiator, to ensure that high-power output can be better dispersed chip generated

High temperature, to ensure performance at the same time, better protection chip life

– Genuine genuine Philips BC037 electrolytic capacitors, regardless of performance, sound quality

Fruit, workmanship and other non-cottage high imitation capacitance can be compared

– Adjustable voltage output, the original LM317 adjustable regulator independent output circuit can be
For the use of pre-class MP3 players and other products, external products when the first adjustment is good
Voltage and then other equipment, otherwise it will seriously damage your equipment.
The TDA7498 is a dual bridge load (BTL) Class D audio amplifier chip that uses a single power supply with
There are small size, high efficiency, high power and so on. TDA7498 chip with our board reasonable fine cloth
Bureau, and a variety of high-quality components with, for example: special custom digital amplifier dedicated high current screen
Anti-inductance, Philips, nichicon, high-frequency high-temperature low-resistance firing capacitor, original Samsung SMD patch device
and many more. The amplifier board circuit is simple, reliable. Supply voltage 15V-36V (voltage recommended not to exceed
Over 36V), the maximum output 100Wx2, heat a small, the efficiency can reach more than 90%. Can be used to open
Off power supply, also suitable for battery or battery-powered portable electronic products. TDA7498 amplifier
Board small size, use and installation are very flexible and convenient, the use of all components used Zheng
Pieces, capable of long-term stable work.


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