OX85-40-AV AC voltmeter ampermeter

  • үнэ: 35,000 төг


         OX-85-40-AV digital AC voltage meter simultaneously show the measured AC voltage and AC current in the same instrument. Instrument does not require an additional power supply work and the AC transformer (Instrument transformers with precision small), very convenient and accurate measurement. Widely used in audio amplifier, power distribution box, distribution cabinets, regulator, teaching aids, household small distribution boxes, etc.


– Measurement accuracy: 1%

– Measuring range: AC voltage: AC80-300V AC current: AC0-50A,

– Power Consumption: 0.2VA

– Measurement speed: about 2 times per second

– Dimensions: 70 * 40 * 39mm screen viewing size: 48 × 24.5mm

– Press the package size: 68 * 38mm (flush mounted)

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