2-CH Triac HAT for Raspberry Pi

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2-CH Triac HAT for Raspberry Pi, Integrated MCU, UART / I2C

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Package content:

  1. 2-CH TRIAC HAT x1
  2. Screws x1

Weight: 0.052 kg

Dual Channels Triac HAT

Bidirectional SCR Isolated HAT, Dual Channels Triac Output Control

Designed for Raspberry Pi

Advantages Over Relay

High Efficiency, No Mechanical Noise Or Wear, Quick Response, Adjustable Output

Designed For Raspberry Pi Series

Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO Header, Customized For Raspberry Pi Series Boards


  • – STM32F0 MCU controller, requires minimal Raspberry Pi resource, UART / I2C communication
  • – RC snubber circuit, protect the triac from power fluctuation
  • – Up to 4400W output power, under ideal heat dissipation condition
  • – Optocoupler isolation, preventing interference from the high voltage circuit
  • – Indicator for easy checking the status of triac
  • – Reserved UART and I2C interface, for working with other host control boards
  • – Data rate: up to 921.6kbps for UART,up to 1024kbps for I2C
  • – Comes with development resources and manual (examples in C and Python)

STM32F0 MCU Onboard

Integrates STM32F030 MCU, Supports Directly Command Control, Easy For Developping
Quicker Response, Requires Minimal Resource From The Raspberry Pi

High Data Rate, Always One Step Ahead

Up To 921.6kbps For UART,Up To 1024kbps For I2C

Powerful Output Power

Up To 4400W Output Power, Under Ideal Heat Dissipation Condition

Optocoupler Isolation Safety First!

Optoisolated Solution, Preventing Interference From The High Voltage Circuit

Home Appliance Support

In The Example Of Controlling 220VAC Home Appliances


What’s On Board

  1. BTA24-600 high power bidirectional triac
  2. MOC3021S photocoupler, the triac driver
  3. LTV-824S AC photocoupler
  4. RC snubber circuit
  5. LM358DR OP amplifier
  6. STM32F030F4P6 main controller
  7. RT9193-33PB power chip
  8. Output indicator
  9. 20A blow fuse
  1. Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header
  2. MCU control interface, for use with other host control boards like Arduino
  3. AC input
  4. AC output
  5. Data bus selection
    A: use Raspberry Pi I2C bus
    B: use Raspberry Pi UART bus
  6. Mode selection
    A: I2C mode
    B: UART mode

AC VOLTAGE 100 ~ 600V UART DATA RATE 1.2 ~ 921.6 kbps
AC CURRENT 0~20A I2C DATA RATE 1024 kbps


Pinout Definition

Outline Dimensions

Resources & Services
Comes with example in C and Python

* Resources for different product may vary, please check the wiki page to confirm the actually provided resources.

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