Logic Level Converter

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Logic Level Converter

SKU: 9127
Part Number: Logic Level Converter
Brand: Waveshare
UPC: 700646949588

Package content:

  • Logic Level Converter x1

Weight: 0.004 kg


  • – 8 channels bidirectional voltage translation between different logic level, translate between Ax and Bx automatically
  • – 4 pairs of power supply interfaces, supports more situations
  • – Use tantalum capacitors for power filter, provides more stability
  • – Voltage level: 1.8V-6V
  • – Dimension: 31.6mm x 25.4mm

How to Use

In the case of translating between 3.3V and 5V system:

  • – VCCA/VA connects to 3.3V power supply
  • – VCCB/VB connects to 5V power supply
  • – GND connects to power negative pole respectively, the two power supply should be common-grounded with each other
  • – When Ax has TTL 3.3V input, Bx will get TTL 5V output
  • – When Bx has TTL 5V input, Ax will get TTL 3.3V output
  • – NO direction control required

Development Resources

Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/Logic_Level_Converter

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