5V 4 Relay Shield V1.3 Expansion Module

  • үнэ: 30,000 төг

Input section:

VCC: positive power supply (by relay voltage supply) 

GND: power supply is negative 

IN1: 1 relay module signal to trigger the end 

IN2: 2 relay module signal to trigger the end 

IN3: 3-way relay module signal to trigger the end 

IN4: 4-channel relay module signal to trigger the end

Output section:

1, normally open 1-4: Relay normally open interfaces, relay before floating, pull back and Public shorted 

2, common side 1-4: Relay Common Interface 

3, normally closed terminal 1-4: normally closed relay interface relay shorted before the public, after the pull-vacant


1, the module complies with international safety standards, the load control area and regional isolation tank;

2, using double-sided FR-4 circuit board design, high-end chip production process;

3, using authentic music song relay control;

4, with the power and relay instructions, pull off, disconnect does not shine;

5, the signal input has a low signal, often beginning with a common terminal will be turned on;

6, the relay can control the various devices and the load;

7, there are four normally open and normally closed contacts 4;

8, blue KF301 terminals to the control line is more convenient.

9, Module size: 72x41x18.5mm; Weight: 56g

10, finished by 100% functional testing and stability testing


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